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Madame Pylinska
and Chopin’s Secret

Monodrama by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
17.08., godz. 20:00

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

France: comeback
18.08., godz. 13:00


One of the most popular French writers, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s books have been translated into 40 languages and his plays have been staged in 50 different countries. Although his works are becoming more and more popular, he keeps a low profile. Born on 28 March 1960 in Sainte-Foy-Lès-Lyon, a small town at the foot of the Alps, he studied philosophy to be awarded his doctorate and become a lecturer at Université de Savoie. Finally, he decided to pursue a literary career, with philosophy as his source of inspiration. His view of the world includes both reason and spirit in equal measure. In his works, the most important existential problems emerge: meaning of life, love, longing, and desire.

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