An engineer and a professor of technical sciences specialising in AI. He graduated from the University of Science and Technology (IT) and Jagiellonian University in Cracow (philosophy). For 20 years now, he has been doing research into AI. He has participated in several research projects including collaborations with industry (NCBR, MCP) and international partners (CHIST-ERA). His speciality is knowledge management, process analysis, and intelligent data mining. He has co-written over 200 research papers. He was awarded the prize by the Polityka weekly for the best technical scientist in 2012, the award from the Committee on Informatics of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the best monograph in IT in 2018, and numerous awards from the UST Rector. He is a founding member of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Society and a member of numerous international scientific societies. His recent works deal with affective computing, context-based reasoning systems, and links between AI and law, including describability of intelligent systems.

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