A poet, a writer, a columnist, and a translator from Russian and English, he was (five times) longlisted for the Nike literary award (with novels Balzakiana and Krivoklat, and a volume of poetry Ekran kontrolny). A laureate of numerous poetry contest, he has written for Studium, Topos, Tytuł, Kwartalnik Artystyczny, Zeszyty Poetyckie, Akcent, and Przegląd Powszechny. He debuted with a collection of short stories Kolekcja when he was only 19 years old. Popularity came in 2006 with his novel Lala. His collections of short stories Rynem w Smyrnie and Balzakiana were praised for their sophisticated style and numerous references to various cultural texts. Moreover, he published novels Saturn and Matka Makryna, in which he interweaves biographies with fiction. One of his more popular works are the crime story Tajemnica domu Helclów and the autobiographic Dziennik Roku Chrystusowego. In 2005, the first volume of poetry Żywoty równoległe won Dehnel the Kościelski Award and a distinction at the Złoty Środek Poezji literary contest. In 2015, he received a bronze Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis. He is also a holder of the ‘honorary ambassador of the Polish language’ and ‘young ambassador of the Polish language’ titles awarded by the Council for the Polish Language.

pic. Cezary Rucki